• To the Bone

    music, lyrics : JT Music

    vocal : JT Music

    date : 12 juin 2016


    lyrics :

    - Sans! Sans! Wake up!

    - What is it, dude?

    - A human has fallen from the surface world

    - Really? And you got a BONE to pick wit'im?

    - No time for puns

    - Ah, come on, that was a real RIB tickler, ayy

    - Ugh! Enough!

    - Alright, here we go again


    - Welcome to the underground

    - How was the fall?

    - If you wanna look around

    - Give us a call

    - We don't see humans often

    - We're happy you just dropped in

    - I'll be so popular when I show all the monsters what I just brought in

    - Hey! Papyrus, mind your manners

    - Can it, Sans, no time for banter

    - Excuse my brother, he's a bit eccentric

    - You're just lazy and apathetic

    - Call me what you want, I got thick skin

    - Another bad joke and I'm finished with him

    We are monsters, the awfulest kind

    - To mess with us takes a lot of spine


    We can relate to your determination

    Because we monsters have our motivations

    Humans betrayed us and left us burnin'

    One day we'll make our way back to the surface

    Through all your travels, your sins will follow

    Your consequences aren't easy to swallow

    Who's the real monster, now you should know

    You've cut this story down to the BONE


    - Really, Sans?

    - What?

    - The last line of the chorus is a pun?

    - Yup

    - You imbecile! That was very... clever...

    - Heh. Thanks, buddy

    - You're stuck in the underground

    - Thanks to the fall

    - Good luck ever getting out

    - Prepare to brawl

    - You could show Mercy to us

    - Or turn all of us to dust

    - Is your heart full of evil

    - Or full of LOVE

    - I, the great Papyrus, challenge you to try getting by us

    - Test the human with one of your puzzles

    - Brilliant, Sans, that'll leave him befuddled

    I dare you to try a bite of spaghetti

    - Smells like the CREEPYPASTA is ready

    - Stop it Sans! I'm done with the jokin'

    - Sounds like someone's FUNNY BONE'S broken


    We can relate to your determination

    Because we monsters have our motivations

    - I am the mastermind, he's my accomplice

    - You're only still alive because I made a promise

    You'll lose your mind when you wander for hours

    You might even decide to start talkin' to flowers

    Who's the real monster, now you should know

    You've cut this story down to the BONE


    - Someday I'll join the Royal Guard

    When I catch this child, can it be that hard

    - Look, if I'm being honest

    My brother ain't nothin' but harmless

    I know you and all that you want

    You'll get a lot more from Sans than a font

    The deeper you go, the messier it gets

    If I had it my way, you'd already be dead

    Kidding, if you couldn't tell

    I get so bored, I amuse myself

    - Down here in the underground

    - You're all alone

    - We wanted to tell you now

    - You're kinda BONED

    - If you survive this prison

    - You will know nihilism

    - Don't mess around with monsters

    - They're scared of tiny children


    - You've come far, but soon you'll stumble

    When I stump you with some Junior Jumble

    - Not so sure you'll get him with that

    Alas, I'll hit him with my Special Attack


    - You know I've got a knack for the trom-BONE

    - One more pun, and I'll be done

    - But ain't two SKULLS better than one


    We can relate to your determination

    Because we monsters have our motivations

    You know your story's already been told

    We can play again if you sell your SOUL

    I've got my eye on you so you just watch it

    I'll find any SKELETONS inside your closet

    Who's the real monster now you should know

    You've cut this story down to the BONE!


    Nightcore version

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