• Darker Darker Yet Monster

    music : SharaX

    lyrics, vocal : Melt + GuessJake

    illust : the35S

    date : 23 juin 2017


    Shattered into tiny pieces

    Fallen into failed creations

    Space and time will show no mercy

    All of them forgot about me



    River person, sans, papyrus

    All my followers seem helpless

    Everyone remembers nothing

    Speaking words only in wingdings



    Blue and orange are

    The colours of my

    Biggest mistake that

    No longer knows me



    My life was cut short


    Removed me from timelines

    But i’m still— (listening)


    The darkest entry

    the seventeenth is

    darker yet darker

    it keeps expanding


    Photon readings all

    Came out negative

    The light’s own call is

    Just a narrative


    Dark and darker

    darker and darker yet

    dark darker yet darker

    dark darker yet darker


    Dark and darker

    darker and darker yet

    dark darker yet darker

    dark yet— “its not a game”


    “Have you ever thought about a

    world that’s simply a replica

    Functioning is fine with out you

    you don’t need to exist do you?”


    “An umbrella? It’s not raining

    noticing such trivial things

    makes me feel a little better

    please don’t think about—



    Without a trace

    Shattered across time and space


    Should you

    Still be talking

    It's rude to talk about someone who's listening


    Who is the new

    Royal Scientist

    Do you think that she'll

    One day Disappear


    Good job, big mistake

    Alphys, just give up now

    Turn back, don't look behind

    You don't know what's ahead

    (“How can you speak without fear)


    Success, something that

    You know you'll never feel

    Trust me, I'm helping you

    Honest, I'm being real

    ("You hold a piece of me there”)


    I've made some big mistakes

    Fatal, if I may say

    Your choice, proceed or not

    Future is of dismay


    I will always be right here,I'm listening

    Beware all the things you are saying

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